Apps for Women

Apps designed for women, head of the households, to get help from family doing household chores or duties or to promote up to 6 business of the family with electronic business cards and a Smart App Phone book of all household contacts categorized by groups.

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Apps for Millennial's

Allows single to share a different set of digits for personal or business card information.  The vCard can include links to 4 social media accounts and give driving directions to your home.   Include photos or photo galleries links to Pinterest or Instagram or even your favorite YouTube Video.

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Apps for Networking

Business card apps are the answer for the busy professional who juggles more than one job, or may even have a personal life that he or she wants to keep separate from the office.

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Apps for Business

We offer numerous apps designed for the sole proprietor to the large corporate businesses.  Many of our apps are designed to include templates that import and export data to and from the apps.  Our three most customized apps our Task Manager, Contact Manager and Contact Directory programs.

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Apps for Directory Info

Most people when coming to a new location are seeking a variety of businesses or services when they are at location.   Our directory apps can be the equivalent of personal yellow pages directory.

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Apps for Restaurants

We currently offer two apps for restaurants; one a citywide directory and the other a text reservations system for those who want a private label reservation system that they control.

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Mobile Enable Users

Whether you use the app to run your household or business our goal is to mobile enable our users so that they can still take care of business when they leave their homes or offices.

The increase in Smartphone and tablet use has forced changes in the way individuals deliver information, services, business, or even the ability to communicate within or outside the household.  When properly designed, and rolled out, mobile apps like the ones SMS Sender Corp creates help boost user productivity, streamline activities and ultimately reduce expenses, generating more income.

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