Business Card Apps for Millennials to stay connected when the Virtual World Meets the Real World.

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Two Cards:
One for your Business Life. One for your Personal Life. 


Three cards:
One for your Business Life. One for your Personal Life
One for your Startup, MLM, Spouse, Dream Job or roommate who’s always late on rent.
Six Cards: 
One for each person on your team, family, group of friends or each key person in your business. 
Six Cards + Directory:
Group and Categorize all of your business and personal contacts in one spot. 


Imagine the Power of Six people dedicated to promote each other in any situation they can.

Our Electronic Business Cards allow app users to exchange business or personal information with others sharing so much more that what can be fit on a traditional printed card or shared through a smart phone contact share.  Our apps allow users to on-demand send up to six electronic business cards, technically called a vCard.  Once information is entered, these cards allow users to promote themselves and others in various ways. Separate your business from personal life, promote various businesses interests you might have, include members of your team, or include key employees for better customer service. The beauty of the app is its designed to facilitate a card exchange during real world face to face or in the virtual world when you want to connect over social media.  It’s the ultimate way to connect because its different than the standard way to share out of your current phone book.  Even though the share uses the same technology, our share provides extra fields including your email, website, blog, picture and driving directions.  You also have the option of including up to 4 additional links which could be a link to your social media account at Facebook or LinkedIn, photo gallery at Pinterest or Instagram, ecommerce store at eBay or Company Website or showcase Company video at YouTube.   What’s nice is, where or whenever you meet someone, for business or pleasure,  you can exchange the appropriate card for the situation.  Designed for the times when everyone connects with their phone, and many times never meet face-to-face or even shake hands for business

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Power of Six:
Your squad has goals: more income. better cars, upgraded apartments and more travel.  Why not help each other out by carrying a card for yourself and five of your friends.  You have a unique opportunity to promote each other whenever you get a chance.

The Average Person Has:
9 Close Friends
40 Acquaintances
649 Friends on 4 Social Platforms
664 Smart Phone Contacts
1000+ Average Extended family
That’s 2362 X 6 = 14,172 Potential Network
That’s a lot of direct relationships that can get your foot in the door.
Pick your Squad carefully to maximize its potential.

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The Hundo P App goes one step further and is a directory template which categorizes contacts into groups.  It’s designed to be the new way you connect with people, since you now can lookup a person by their relationship to you not their name, business or number.   Include Groups for Friends and further categorize them by Poker Players, Gamers, or Ball Players.  Create an Employee Directory where their positions are categorized within departments.  Create a group call Social and then categorize contacts into  Girls Night Out, Volunteers with or Yoga.  And once you navigate to the contact, use the communications panel to call, text, email, get driving directions two or share their information to another requesting their contact info.  Hundo P allows you to take command of the way you connect, by allowing you to categorize contacts within groups as they relate to you.


CATEGORIES:   Productivity     Business     Income Generating

Entrepreneurial     Communications     Family

Household Communicator     Social Media

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– Transfer your Industry and Profession with your vCard
– Driving directions to your home, office or away address
– Deal of the day offers deals on household products
– Merchant Discounts offer discounts or certificates for goods and services or dining deals


Jan 1, 2018





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iPad Air or Pro
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App Features

About the App

Our Electronic Business Cards App allow you to PROMOTE up to six enhanced electronic business cards, technically called a vCard. These cards can be created to promote your profession or business, personal life, side business, MLM, business team, key employees or even accommodate your entire employee directory with a basic vCard Share.  A vCard is nothing more than an electronic business card designed to be exchanged between email programs, contact databases and more importantly Android and iPhone users.  The share technology is almost identical to the one currently on your smart phones contact app, but ours is programmed to include so many more fields than the basic exchange of contact name, business name, phone and email.Once your electronic business card is setup, its as easy as opening the app, and picking share next to the card you you need to send a recipient in need. Our card can include your website, blogs, picture, driving directions and up to 4 social media or web links to pictures, videos or ecommerce to further promote your business.  Once you click to Share the card, contact information is put in a vCard that can be exchanged by text, email, what’s up or whatever method you connect with the person requesting help or the referral. This app allows you to directly generate new business or offer customer service to people you meet, by instantly being able to send them your electronic business card or sending them the appropriate card for a contact at your company.


Get the app the suits your needs.

Our basic app Hey There!! that allows a user to store two electronic business cards.  This apps is typically used by either single professionals who want to be able to separate their personal life from their business life or those with a side job or additional business.  The app allows them to discretely connect for business in a social situation or to socially connect in a business or networking event.  For those with more than one business or starting a side business they can promote either company discretely without having to carry cards for each company they are promoting.  Since people are seldom without their phone, no more looking for pen and paper to get contact information or writing the number on your hand.  Best part is that once the vCard is clicked, it automatically imports into the recipients phone book.  All the contact information including additional links to social media, photo galleries, or  company video showcasing your products or services is imported, even your picture or company logo.


The I Do That!! App simply offers one more card option.  Its the perfect spot to promote a side business, MLM, place you get a commission for referring business, a family member business or your roommates business who is always late with rent.


The Squad Goals App accommodates up to six electronic business cards  and is perfect for sales teams, key employees, small businesses or people who have multiple business interests. A great app for real estate where there may be multiple properties, reps which represent various manufacturers, households with multiple businesses or for individuals and firms which own or represent multiple companies.


The Hundo P Connected, developed by SMS Sender Corp, is an heart of this side of the app and is an overlay template to your existing phone book, that allows employees positions to be categorized within groups or departments.  Employee data can be imported by department and position to avoid any data entry.  Once an employee directory is imported into the app, additional groups or classifications of contacts can be added for things like customers, vendors or other things individual to the users. Its’ as simple as selecting the proper department or group and then scrolling down to find the position or category and linking that empty place card to a contact in your existing phone book.  From within the apps command screen that contact can be called, emailed, texted, get driving directions to,  or have his or her contact information  shared to a a person in need via a vCard.  The recipient can then automatically import the contacts vCard into their phone book and then  call, text, email, get driving directions without typing a key or having to have our app.

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Whatever version you select, will will have a state of the art way to generate income or offer better service to individuals interested in doing business with you or your company.  The directory apps navigation make it so much easier to find an employees contact information, even if its already in your phone book.  By being able to pull up a employee that’s been categorized by a position within their department, it means you don’t have recollect a person first or last name, phone #  or other key fact out of thousands of numbers you may have.  And will you make an impression on a current or prospective client when you are able to reference information that quick for anyone in your organization.

If this sounds like something you been waiting for and can’t live without, order it today and start take control of the way people can communicate within you company and generate more income and better service by connecting more ways.

For those who want to connect over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we have a way to send your electronic business card over these networks which limit the types of files you can exchange.  For a small monthly fee users can park there electronic business cards at or we can create one for you.  The electronic vCard can have a vanity URL link, “” or a general listing under Service/Chef/ChefCharlesMichael which can be sent as a TinyURL or full hyperlink.  These vCard file links can be shared by being sent as a hyperlink over social media.  All the recipient needs to do is click on the link and it will download to their phone where it can be then imported into their phone.  This allows an electronic business card exchange to happen when a phone # or Email isn’t know, but a social account connection has been established thru sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or others.  And sharing you card over social media might just give you a chance at some new business development or romance ;).  Upon sufficient subscribers, may offer participants inclusion in its directory of service providers and promote their services. for more information.



Features Include

PROMOTE Screen Shots Show Featured Vcards

  • Include up to 6 vCard’s that can be modified if necessary before sending.
  • Include email, website, blogs, business kind and category, and up to 4 social media or web links.
  • Share vCard over most communication apps on your phone.
  • Offers directions to your business, personal residence or away address.
  • Perfect for small business, allowing you to load vCard’s for up to six employees.
  • Load your profile picture or company logo for easy recognition during social sharing of contacts.


Additional Directory Screen Shots on Hundo P Connected

  • Includes household communication template
  • Communication panel allows calling, emailing, texting, navigation and sharing.
  • Groups contacts by categories for easy identification and referral of vendors.
  • Categorize contacts by type to pick vendor performing exact service within a group.
  • Customize your own pick lists by adding groups and categories as you see fit.
  • Duplicate contact categories for those you have multiple contacts.
  • Assigning relevant contacts out of existing phone book.
  • Easily Exchange or call contacts with dial social shares buttons.
  • Scroll contacts and pick, phone, share, add groups or categories on one screen.
  • Import/Export of contacts make exchange easy to organizational use.
  • Share between both iPhone and Android Smart Phones
  • Customized Templates for 75+ Industries marketed under different name.


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These two apps are also marketed for businesses under the name SMS Task Manager and SMS Contact Manager (Hundo P Connect). 

Apps are designed for professional and small business owners who are on the go and need to be mobile enabled.
This means you can install a second app just like the other and  use it for a whole different set of contacts if necessary.

There are custom templates of unique tasks and contact categorized in groups for 75+ industries including:
Accountants, Administrators, Advertising Exec, Architect, Auto Body Shop, Banker, Bed & Breakfast, Bridal, Car Sales Person, Caregiver, Chamber of Commence, Charities, Chef, Childcare, Childcare Managers, City Managers, Clothing Store Manager, Clubs & organizations, Concierge, Contractor, Corporate Business, Country Club, Curators, Customer Service, Dentist, Department Store Manager, Doctor, Economic Development, EMP, Employment Services, Event Planners, Executive Assistant, Facility Managers, Farmer, Fashion Designer, Fireman, Fraternities, Grocery Store Manager, Hotel Manager, Household, Housekeeping, HR Managers, Inspector, Insurance Agent, Interior Designer, Janitor, Journalist, Law Enforcement, Landscaper, Lawyer, Librarian, Maintenance Worker, Nurse, Nutritionist, Oil and Gas, Paralegal, Parole Officer, Personal Assistant, Personal Shopper, Plumber, Priest, Project Manager, Property Manager, Public Relations, Publisher, Realtor, Restaurateur, Retail Store, Sales Person, Salons, Security, Small Business Owner, Sororities, Store Manager, Supervisors, Teacher, Tour Driver, Township Chairman, Truck Driver, Vet, Warehouse Manager, Wedding Coordinator

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