Caregiver SMS & Caregiver Connect Apps

Estimate Release Date:  March 2018

There are two apps for Caregivers.  One a task manager which has common tasks that a caregiver assigns or is requested by the person or family requiring care.  This app might be used by a Service administrator directing RN’s & LHP’s what to do for various patients.  For those patients or family this app can issue the directives that a caregiver is suppose to perform on a visit.  The second is a tool which allows to permanent caregiver to carry a smart app phone book of patient and household contacts.  This Rolodex contains common contacts types that a household they provide care for might have.  The contact directory allows you to sort contacts by their relationship to you not by having to remember their name, company or phone number.  You want to call the Cardiologist, look under the group, Doctors and scroll down to the place card Cardiologists.  It’s that easy.