Hey There

Two Cards: 
One for your Business Life. One for your Personal Life.

Our basic app Hey There!! that allows a user to store two electronic business cards.  This apps is typically used by either single professionals who want to be able to separate their personal life from their business life or those with a side job or additional business.  The app allows them to discretely connect for business in a social situation or to socially connect in a business or networking event.  For those with more than one business or starting a side business they can promote either company discretely without having to carry cards for each company they are promoting.  Since people are seldom without their phone, no more looking for pen and paper to get contact information or writing the number on your hand.  Best part is that once the vCard is clicked, it automatically imports into the recipients phone book.  All the contact information including additional links to social media, photo galleries, or  company video showcasing your products or services is imported, even your picture or company logo.