Hundo P Connected

The Hundo P Connected, developed by SMS Sender Corp, is an heart of this side of the app and is an overlay template to your existing phone book, that allows employees positions to be categorized within groups or departments.  Employee data can be imported by department and position to avoid any data entry.  Once an employee directory is imported into the app, additional groups or classifications of contacts can be added for things like customers, vendors or other things individual to the users. Its’ as simple as selecting the proper department or group and then scrolling down to find the position or category and linking that empty place card to a contact in your existing phone book.  From within the apps command screen that contact can be called, emailed, texted, get driving directions to,  or have his or her contact information  shared to a a person in need via a vCard.  The recipient can then automatically import the contacts vCard into their phone book and then  call, text, email, get driving directions without typing a key or having to have our app.

Please view our Explainer video for our Business Card / Rolodex App