The Ultimate App to Task Manage Your Loved Ones.

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The Hon-E-Do App is the ultimate task messaging app to help task manage your loved ones.  This app is an empowerment tool, designed for women, to help them engage family members  to get common household chores done. The app is designed to efficiently save key strokes and time by making a pick list of your most common tasks, chores or as we call them or “Do’s.”  Program templates can save even more time by already listing common tasks for four types of household structures including: Couples, Household with Staff, Single Mother and the included Family templates which can be switched out. The app uses text messages to assign tasks to household members which are read over 92% of the time unlike calls, voice mails, emails or left to-do notes. All task messages begin with “Please” and there are plenty of ways to say “Thank You” when the task is completed.  For those passionate about their household the hardest part of the app might just be picking the correct “Hon-E” to “Do” the task.  One of the best part of the app is that for about the price of a cup of coffee, all SMS Sender Corp Apps are full versions and are ad free.


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  • Android Users can Schedule Task Reminders
  • Included Family template may be exchanged for couples, single mother or households with staff template thru import feature.
  • Deal of the day offers deals on Household Products
  • Merchant Discounts offer discounts or certificates for goods and services or dining deals
  • Toggle switch to include/exclude task code with message



Jan 1, 2018





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Requires Android

4.1 and up

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10.3 and up


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iPad (5th Generations)
iPad Air or Pro
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+
iPhone All 7, 8, X and SE


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App Features

About the App

Sample Hon-E-Do Tasks
#1. Please vacuum the house.
#2  Please pick up a movie.
#3  Please take back the movie.
#4  Please take in the dry cleaning.
#5  Please pick up the dry cleaning.
#6  Please cleanup your room.
#7 Please start dinner.

#50 Thanks for your help.
#51 Thanks for all you do.
#52 Thank you can’t wait to see you.
#53 Thanks for helping me.


Get ready to experience the most amazing task manager or to do list app for women. The Hon-E-Do Task Manager App offers a remarkable number of features to allow detail oriented women complete task management and communication control within their household. It is the ultimate way for women to task manage their loved ones and organize and assign household tasks. The “Hon-E-Do” app comes pre-loaded with 200+ predefined tasks typically done while managing a household.

Let’s face it, most women are more passionate and are slightly to a lot more responsible for keeping their households organized, than men. Every woman knows how difficult it is to manage their household, which is compounded by a multiplier for each family member, career and other organizations they may be involved in.    Performing multiple tasks and and efficient running the household while keeping their partners and kids happy can be overwhelming. The Hon-E-Do app assists women to help ensure that all daily tasks or chores are completed smoothly, done right and on time.  One thing we are sure, the app can largely improve the harmony and communication within a family.  Plus it can get you some much needed help. and possibly giving you a little more personal time  And a happy wife is a happy life for the family.

The difference between a happy marriage and a miserable marriage, partnership, family or roommates is often related to the sharing of household chores, duties and responsibilities. Couples without a good system for dividing up household tasks get resentful very quickly. One of the first tasks involved is making of list of chores, making note of time, effort, skill levels, frequency and when and who’s responsible doing the task.  The app even exports the task list so that you can create a worksheet to help assign the responsibilities to family members which may for the first time realize the scale of what it actually takes to run a household.



Features Include

Task Assignment Screen Shots


  • Pick your “Hon-E’s” out of your current phone book list.
  • Pick a common tasks “Do’s” out of a Messages List.
  • Add as much text as you need to a picked message to fully describe the task or situation.
  • Just enter one-time task on the send line like a normal text.
  • Schedule tasks for a future date and time. (Android users)
  • Send reminders to self, family or household helpers. (Android users)
  • Sends by tasks by text message, read over 92% of the time on peoples smart phones.
  • Tasks are sorted by task codes for ease of finding.
  • This app originates the task only, reply come to you default text program.
  • The task sent is placed in your default text message program in a new thread.
  • If you are sending file of pictures up a mess to be cleaned you can do so through that default messaging app once the tasks is originated.

Task Coding and Creation Screen Shots


  • Assign new Task to a 4-digit Task code.
  • Assign Codes for for general task like COOK, DUST, SHOP, TIDY, YARD …
  • Assign Codes to be done by specific persons like JOHN, MARY, MIKE…
  • Code can be included/excluded with sent message with a toggle feature.
  • Hon-E-Do come loaded with the family task template.
  • Replace default Family template with Couples, Single Mother or Household with Help templates with slightly different task lists.
  • Hold down to delete tasks that don’t apply or you made a mistake entering.
  • Add repetitive task to the list, so you only need to type it once.
  • Import feature requires user to open free template and cut and paste into import box.
  • Import/Export of tasks make exchange easy for family use if more than one app is being used.
  • Export to apps like Excel and be able to printout a task worksheet to help assign task duties to family members
  • Customized Business Templates for 75+ Industries marketed under other SMS Task Manager App.


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The Hon-E-Do App has a sister app called Hon-E-Does
While the Hon-E-Do helps a women take control of business inside her household thru task management and family communication, Hon-E-Does helps a woman communicate with everyone outside of her household.  The Hon-E-Does app is two apps in one.  Part one PROMOTE, allows a woman to create up to six electronic business cards for businesses of her household which can be shared when necessary helping her generate additional income for the household.  She can create a card for herself as a relator, her husband the plumber, son who mows lawn, daughter who babysits, her friend who is an interior designer or even her dream job as a caterer.  When she comes across someone in need of one of her household services all her has to do is share the electronic business cards by however she connects with the person in need.  Part two REFER, centers around a Smart App Phone Book which come with 100+ possible vendors, categorized within groups.  This way when she or a friend needs a pool guy, she looks under the group Home Services, scrolls down the list to Pool Cleaner and then can either call, email, text, get driving directions to or can share the contact information by referring the vendor to a friend in need.  Hon-E-Does is the all-inclusive household communication app keeping all the numbers that affect your household in one place.  Sometimes just segregating the household vendors from your friends and family makes navigating your contacts more manageable, but you can group and category them also.


Install more than one app on your phone for your business.

These two apps are also marketed for business under the names SMS Task Manager and SMS Contact Manager. 

There are custom templates with unique tasks and contacts place cards categorized within groups for 75+ industries including:

Accountants, Administrators, Advertising Exec, Architect, Auto Body Shop, Banker, Bed & Breakfast, Bridal, Car Sales Person, Caregiver, Chamber of Commence, Charities, Chef, Childcare, Childcare Managers, City Managers, Clothing Store Manager, Clubs & organizations, Concierge, Contractor, Corporate Business, Country Club, Curators, Customer Service, Dentist, Department Store Manager, Doctor, Economic Development, EMP, Employment Services, Event Planners, Executive Assistant, Facility Managers, Farmer, Fashion Designer, Fireman, Fraternities, Grocery Store Manager, Hotel Manager, Household, Housekeeping, HR Managers, Inspector, Insurance Agent, Interior Designer, Janitor, Journalist, Law Enforcement, Landscaper, Lawyer, Librarian, Maintenance Worker, Nurse, Nutritionist, Oil and Gas, Paralegal, Parole Officer, Personal Assistant, Personal Shopper, Plumber, Priest, Project Manager, Property Manager, Public Relations, Publisher, Realtor, Restaurateur, Retail Store, Sales Person, Salons, Security, Small Business Owner, Sororities, Store Manager, Supervisors, Teacher, Tour Driver, Township Chairman, Truck Driver, Vet, Warehouse Manager, Wedding Coordinator


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