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The Hon-E-Does app allows women to share their, or their families electronic business cards, technically called a vCard, to promote the businesses of their household.  They can also refer their household’s product and service vendors to their friends by sharing their vCards via any method they connect. For about the cost of a cup of coffee, you can energize your household’s income or refer business to friends or vendors all doing so in an ad free app.


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What’s New

– Android User can Schedule Task Reminders
– Templates for families, couples, single mother w/ children and those households with staff.
– Deal of the day offers deals on Household Products
– Merchant Discounts offer discounts or certificates for goods and services or dining deals

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Jan 1, 2018




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Requires Android
4.1 and upRequires iOS
10.3 and up
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iPad (5th Generations)
iPad Air or Pro
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+
iPhone All 7, 8, X and SE




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About the App

The Hon-E-Does App is two apps in one. 

PROMOTE is the first part of the app where vCard’s can be created for up to 6 members of the family. Cards can be created to promote yourself, your spouse, your kid’s lawn cutting or babysitting service, your mother, your best friend or even your side job, dream job or MLM company. A vCard is nothing more than an electronic business card designed to be exchanged between email programs, contact databases and more importantly Android and iPhones.Once your electronic business card is setup, its as easy as opening the app, and picking share next to the family members card you are promoting for a job. Once you click share, that person contact information in a vCard can be shared by text, email, what’s up or whatever method you connect with the person requesting help or the referral. This app allows women, who are typically social media experts, to directly generate additional income for all members of the household.

REFER is the second part of the app. The Smart App Phone Book overlay template, Created by SMS Sender Corp, comed already loaded with common household goods and services groups and categories and is the center of the Referral ability. All that has to be done is link the appropriate category to a current phone book contact.  For instance, under the group Contractors there are categories for Electricians, Plumbers and Masons… The beauty of the app is, when a user is asked, “Do you know of a Plumber?” The app user simply looks under the group Contractors and scrolls down to the category Plumbers where they may find the linked contact Joe’s Plumbing.  By hitting the SHARE button the plumbers contact info can be shared to her friend by however they connect. The recipient can call right from the exchanged vCard, get navigation directions or click on it and it will be automatically loaded into their phone book contacts. All this is done without typing a key.

Both PROMOTE & REFER make HON-E-DOES a complete household contact management program to not only generate income thru the promotion of the businesses for your household, but also for those businesses you love and trust and would like to refer. The easy of the directory navigation make it so much easier than trying to find a contact in a traditional smart phone phone book.  And pulling up a contact that’s been categorized within an appropriate group, means you don’t have recollect a person name, business, or phone # out of your contacts which can contain thousands of numbers.

Sometimes just separating your important contacts from general friends helps. Taking it one step further, adding the group PLAYER and the CATEGORIZING your friends by TENNIS, GOLF or BRIDGE can make it easy to find an extra player last minute. The Hon-E-Does app provides women a command center of communication for the businesses of their household, to help procure good and services and help promote & refer those vendors and friends she enjoys supporting.

Features Include

PROMOTE Screen Shots

  • Include up to 6 vCard’s that can be modified if necessary before sending.

  • Include email, website, blogs, Business Kind and Category, and up to 4 social media links.

  • Share vCard over most communication apps on your phone.

  • Offers directions to your business, personal residence or away address.

  • Perfect for small business, allowing you to load vCard’s for up to six employees.

  • Load your profile picture for easy recognition during social sharing of contacts.

REFER Screen Shots

  • Communication panel allows calling, emailing, texting, navigation and sharing.

  • Groups contacts by Categories for easy identification and referral of vendors.

  • Categorize contacts by type to pick vendor performing exact service within a group.

  • Customize your own pick lists.

  • Duplicate contact categories for those you have multiple contacts.

  • Assigning relevant contacts out of existing phone book.

  • Download Industry template saving time creating groups and categories. Add what you need, delete what you don’t.

  • Easily Exchange or call Contacts with Dial Social Shares buttons.

  • Scroll contacts and pick, phone, share, add groups or categories on one screen.

  • Import/Export of contacts make exchange easy to organizational use.

  • Customized Templates for 75+ Industries.

App Links 

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Help & Support
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The following link go off site to our App Support Site

Custom Templates for 75+ industries including:
Accountants, Administrators, Advertising Exec, Architect, Auto Body Shop, Banker, Bed & Breakfast, Bridal, Car Sales Person, Caregiver, Chamber of Commence, Charities, Chef, Childcare, Childcare Managers, City Managers, Clothing Store Manager, Clubs & organizations, Concierge, Contractor, Corporate Business, Country Club, Curators, Customer Service, Dentist, Department Store Manager, Doctor, Economic Development, EMP, Employment Services, Event Planners, Executive Assistant, Facility Managers, Farmer, Fashion Designer, Fireman, Fraternities, Grocery Store Manager, Hotel Manager, Household, Housekeeping, HR Managers, Inspector, Insurance Agent, Interior Designer, Janitor, Journalist, Law Enforcement, Landscaper, Lawyer, Librarian, Maintenance Worker, Nurse, Nutritionist, Oil and Gas, Paralegal, Parole Officer, Personal Assistant, Personal Shopper, Plumber, Priest, Project Manager, Property Manager, Public Relations, Publisher, Realtor, Restaurateur, Retail Store, Sales Person, Salons, Security, Small Business Owner, Sororities, Store Manager, Supervisors, Teacher, Tour Driver, Township Chairman, Truck Driver, Vet, Warehouse Manager, Wedding Coordinator


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