Smart App Phone Book

Estimated Delivery March 2018

It’s time to forget about using your traditional cell phone’s contact book for anything but entering in your contacts to be shared with other apps.  We bring your favorite contacts in one place where they can be group and categorized like books in a library. Welcome to all new Smart App Phone Book an app technology we use an for smarter contact management in several app we market.  The greatest difference in using this app technology is you now locate your contacts by their relationship or purpose they perform for you.   No more query by name, number, company name or by trying to remember key information by how you may have coded it for retrieval.  Once you find the contact you can call, text, email or get driving directions via Google Navigation.  The app goes way further, that once a contact is properly grouped and categorized; their information can be referred to a friend via a electronic business card or vCard.    The app user just selects Share and the card can be socially shared over the most popular communications apps like messages, text, email, What’s Up, Snap Chat or however you connect with the recipient.  The recipient can dial right from the vCard or can just click on the card and added to their existing phone book automatically.   Impressive, right? It’s all about using current information more efficiently, and we even provide 75+ industry templates that come preloaded with Industry groups and Categories.  Taking command of your company’s communications can not only energize income, but also improve customer service